The infrastructure provides redundant hosting, email and telecommunications services.

Note: provides internet services. Please refer to the following links if you are looking for information on Cloanto Corporation or Cloanto IT srl.


If your junk mail filter requires it, be sure to add the "" domain to your list of safe senders in order to receive emails that may be specific to a site, product or service which makes use of

The "" email domain is never used to send unsolicited commercial email (junk mail, or "spam").

SPF records are in place to ease the automatic identification of forged email sender addresses.

Other Content

You should normally not need to access this website, which only contains this one page.


If you believe that you are experiencing a technical problem please contact support-2014 -at- cloanto -dot- net.

Service Outage Escalation

If you believe that a problem is affecting the infrastructure itself, please send a short email to -at- gmail -dot- com with "outage" in the subject line. This will trigger a few pagers.